About Us


We create brands that are impossible to live without – we call this brand preference.

In a world of overwhelming choice, preference is more than a brand measure – it’s a sales driver.

Because when people really prefer your brand, they’ll always choose you over another, even if it means spending more money, time or effort.


People’s preferences change depending on where they are, who they’re with and what they’re doing.

But whatever they choose, it says something about who they are or who they want to be in that moment.

So at Hue & Cry, we use a people first approach to drive brand preference. Really understanding who you want to prefer your product, their world view and how they want to define themselves in the context of others.

We then identify the key individuals, group dynamics and social settings to create strategy, creative output and communications that actively influence preference. Ultimately driving your sales and making a contribution to your business profit and growth.