Pop stars are the new creative directors

A trend that Fashion United is talking about is “Pop Stars Replace Creative Directors” in their article from Tuesday 18 October. This was pegged on Donatella Versace announcing that the first rock star designer for her Versus line is Zayn Malik (ex-One Direction and also Gigi Hadid’s boyfriend are probably credentials enough for #ZaynxVersus to make commercial sense). “He can make me talk to his followers,” the Italian fashion doyenne told Vogue. “I want to listen to the language, I want to learn. I want to know what they think, what they like. This is a new generation, [which] if I do not go through someone like Zayn I will never reach.”

Author of the article Jackie Mallon highlighted the power of the Instagram influencers: “Karl Lagerfeld was one of the first followers when he put Kendall Jenner on the Chanel runway less than three years ago, grabbing the attention of her 67 million followers, effectively endorsing her modeling career and making her ubiquitous ever since. Even Chanel must hitch up its bouclé and give chase.”

Mind you, it’s not exactly a new concept. You might have noticed that one of the Spice Girls successfully reinvented herself as an upmarket fashion designer using her stratospherically high-profile image and name to promote her own designer label…



by hueandcry