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Alt-Malts on the up

Whisky is the trend for this season. It’s official according to an article in The Evening Standard which declared scotch cocktails (‘scotchtails’?) the choice of drinks connoisseurs this autumn.  ‘A Dram of Alt-Malt’ includes mention of STK London’s partnership with Glenfiddich alongside other restaurants and bars who are also at the forefront of the current whisky trend in London.

‘London has put whisky back where it belongs: front and centre of autumn’s bar menus’ and that ‘Scotch is still the world’s favourite whisky’, the writer Rachael Sigee declares, before going on to describe the STK & Scotch pairing menu. ‘Whisky and steak is a more traditional pairing: a new five-course menu at STK London uses Glenfiddich of progressing age as an accompaniment. You start with a 12-year-old neat serving and end with a 26-year-old Excellence that accompanies the cheese course.’


by hueandcry